how it works


I use the Ashridge Business School model of engaging with people at a profound level, to significantly increase their impact on the organisation; and it is outcome focused. The approach is underpinned by a variety of psychological theories and models, sound business knowledge and facilitative coaching.

This is fundamentally about transformational change for the individual and its positive impact on the organisation.

This involves assessing both your personal and working objectives, your management style, the work environment and your relationships across the organisation. At all times the focus is on you - and how to improve your situation. 

Coaching Packages

I also offer a number of focussed programmes:

  1. Success despite uncertainty and change - this is designed to help you broaden your outlook, build self-confidence and prepare for new responsibilities.

  2. Career transitions - across, up or new directions - helping you know your strengths and capabilities and how to move professions.

  3. Leadership - examining self-confidence, self-belief and self-awareness; understanding how your peers and staff experience you and your impact.

  4. Building resilience - addressing stress and doubt focussing on self-confidence and competencies as well as emotional self-belief to give depth to your resilience.

  5. Personal development - fulfilling your potential and getting you into the 'right place'.

I offer a discount to clients in the voluntary and public sectors.


Transformational Approach


I help my clients understand and interpret their roles, what needs fixing, their responsibilities and how can they bring a better person to the team. How can they operate with integrity and honesty? and how to create higher functioning teams which in turn generate a more successful organisation? I do more than fix a problem; instead I help clients change and develop themselves. This is transformation.

Business is changing faster than ever before. To remain successful we must create credible plans and wrestle control of our immediate future. The speed of change and fear of the unknown are as stressful as restructures and cost-cutting programmes.

My coaching provides a method and a discipline to change yourself, not just to fix problems but to understand your strengths and potential. To transform yourself.


  • Ashridge Business School: Organisational Executive Coaching Practitioner.

  • Certificate in Team Coaching (Executive Coaching Studio)

  • Certified Agile Master in Public Sector Design

  • BA Hons in Art History

  • MSc in Information Systems Design

Member of

  • International Coaching Federation

  • Change Management Institute

  • Ashridge Alumni