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A transformational coach and consultant with over 20 years’ experience of development and consultancy in private, public and voluntaries, from FTSE 250 to start-ups. Coaching is a fundamental part of my work.

I am holistic and pragmatic coach; engaging with people at a profound level, to significantly increase their impact on the organisation. To get you to where you want to be.

I also turn around teams who are demoralised; post re-structure, change of ownership, cost-cutting or inspection programmes. This requires strong coaching skills to ensure genuine success. 

The core purpose with clients is to increase performance by addressing any interference:

performance = potential - interference


Coaching to all working ages; what are the lessons?

I work with adults of all ages, at differing stages of their careers and across a wide spectrum of roles and industries; and not just managers or ‘execs’.

Needless to say many of the questions, worries and anxieties are universal. Worries about job security is not uncommon and not surprising with Brexit-driven stagnation and more political self-seeking than care for the working population.

Younger clients are fearful of not being able to get into the job market, others want to discuss options or professions and want neutral guidance and feedback. The more confident or robust types are bolder about moving from one zero hours contract to the next. Others are overwhelmed by the vast numbers of ‘gigs’ online which are invariably and sadly mostly out of date or closed already. At the later stages adults feel threatened by ageism; older employees often feel unwanted and can feel sidelined. However these behaviours differ wildly from job to job and with different employers, however there are website like Restless to help tackle agism.

Between the young and the old generations is the where I do the bulk of my work. My approach is very similar, the problems may seem larger, such as how do we change culture across an Ambulance Service, but my role is fundamentally the same: coaching clients through change, be it: corporate difficulties, culture, performance, challenges, take-overs, redundancies, technology, hiring and firing, growth and legislation etc.

My coaching is about the individual being able to contribute the best of themselves to their work; to learn, to be heard, to participate, to grow, to belong, to be supported, to do their best, to develop, to withstand change and threats, to be flexible and robust, to take responsibility, to be confident and ultimately to gain satisfaction. As well as creating positive team cultures because this is also how our organisations succeed. 

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Written by Tom Butler


As part of an organisational improvement programme for the South East Coast Ambulance Service, staff of c.4500 for a population of 4.5 mill. Providing leadership coaching to leadership team, addressing culture, behaviour and performance issues, in the light of being in Special Measures.

Successfully coached an Assistant Director of Adults’ Health and Social Care as part of his preparation for his next role.

Leadership coaching at Director level in ADS (the trade organisation for Aerospace, Defence and Security) to develop management capability and performance.

Coached the Founder of Grafter a flexible on-line workforce business, through the first year growing and investment decisions.

·Coached the Executive team at Farnborough International Airshow. Providing stability through a period of growth, change and new CEO.

At Inmarsat plc, I coached a post redundancy team processing >£100m revenue into a stable, resilient and high performing team. 

Coached a post restructure team in library services across 3 boroughs including Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea to regain expertise, confidence and operational control.

Coached a Senior Partner of a worldwide accounting firm to plan her future career path.

Typical Results

  • Enabled Senior Managers and Directors to address a culture of bullying and harassment in South East Coast Ambulance Service.

  • With strong focus on behaviour and technique, my client transformed his team from a high turnover team to a cohesive, engaged, and high performing one. Staff want to stay.

  • Successfully shifted a Global Sales Director to target the top 10% customers and to increase revenue significantly.

  • Enabled my client to fully understand why and decide to make a major career change.

  • Empowered a victim of sexism to change how she behaved to and to not let be hushed by sexism.

  • Worked with a Director to deliver significantly improved diversity across the organisation.

  • Turned a disengaged team to be engaged, positive, trusting and working together and nearer being the best they can.

  • Supported a Senior Manager to acknowledge, address and seek treatment for chronic anxiety which had been severely impacting him at work.